The Tornado Troops is a group pegasus ponies that served in the Olympian War. THey are recognized for their abilities and bravery. All except for their leader, Coelacanth, and their Back Right Cover, Drafty, are desceased.

Basic Info

The Tornado Troops were founded in the Olympian War as an attempt to fight Zeus. Coelacanth chose his top fliers and went on a mission. During the mission, however, Zeus sent a team of Blitz to strike them down. Many did not survive, and those that did were crippled. the only two that managed to survive unscathed were Coelacanth and Drafty.



Coelacanth - Leader

Alleyoop - Second command

Loophole - Right Cover

Whirlwind - Left Cover

Swift Twitch - Back Left Cover

Drafty - Back Right Cover


Hoofbeat - Medic

Windswept - Medic

Brake Light - Ammunition

Bullseye - Scout

Tripwire - Archer


Turnabout - Standard

Roundabout - Standard

Wishworth - Standard

Looksie - Standard

Feathershine - Standard