If I never had been born, I would of never met any of you! I love life!

—Tyler in his new life, A Young Pony

Tyler Meadow
Tyler standing in the meadow.
Kind Unicorn
Gender Male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation None
Eyes Red
Mane Brown
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Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat Red
Cutie Mark Unknown/None
David Henrie
Singing voice Justin Timberlake

Tyler is an Earth pony.

Early LifeEdit

Young Tyler

Tyler's younger life when he first got to his new house.

Tyler is Twilight Sparkle's younger brother. Tyler was happy to see his first house. Twilight and Shining Armor were both happy to see Tyler happy. He later got to play in the meadow and he met Fluttershy.

He met all sorts of ponies in town, such as Applejack and Weather. Tyler was happy to have been met with all sorts of ponies.

Tyler Braces

Tyler with his new braces.

However, later in his early life, his teeth unstraightened themselves. Tyler had a bit of pain. Despite this, he appeared to be grinding his teeth. He later had to get braces due to this.

Tyler Swim

Tyler with a special "gift".

He also later had to wear special swimming shoes that somewhat protected him no matter where he is. Tyler was confused about this. He wondered about it. He asked everyone about it. He soon found out he was the first one to get them. He was special. He was put on the newspaper. He was part popular for a while, but it soon became dull and no one seemed to care anymore. Tyler didn't even care at all either. This later changed.

Present LifeEdit

Tyler later still wondered about the swimming shoes in his teenager years. Wh
Tyler Teenage Swim

"I still have the misunderstanding feeling about these things."

ile Tyler still confused himself, Twilight tried to cheer him up. Tyler felt a bit weird about it and didn't still like it yet.

Future LifeEdit

Tyler Long Change Adult

Tyler has grown to his adult life.

Tyler later became an adult and decided he no longer needed the special swimming shoes anymore. His horn extended and his legs were longer. His freckles stayed in place. He still had fun. He also opened the first Equestria School.

File;Tylerlongchangeteen.png140thumb nearly became Twilight,s Son before Spike came along but gave him up for Spike


  • It appears to be that he's appeared in very few episodes before his death.

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