Umbrus Arbiter
file: Umbrus_On_Decks2.png
Gender Stallion (male)
Personality Silly, but serious, hot but cold, Deathly but Peaceful
Skills Music, Psychic abilities, Portal Mastery, Teleportation.
Relationships Single, wants to eliminate dr whooves so derpy can be with him.


Umbrus Arbiter is a young stallion Changeling who was adopted by a family in las pegasus, he classes himself as a Normal pony most of the time to keep his friends from knowing the truth. He Mostly follows his friends Poetic, Onyx,Blue Shuffle, Orion, Downcast and Burning Night where ever they go, with his multiple talents, Teleportation,Psychic Abilities and his lesser but favorite talent, Music, he is currently an unearthed musician that is Mainly using Spinners, or as the public know them "Dj Decks". he has Black Hair Green eyes and a red body, and frequently wears glasses. 

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