Unimaginable Damage Edit

Starlight Glimmer casts a spell meant to make ponies love each other but this has dire consequences when things go wrong in the process causing the Mane 6 to argue.

Prologue Edit

Starlight Glimmer is learning a spell from Zecora to further up her power , Zecora suggests a love spell

Ok what are we doing? Edit

Starlight is quite confused about what Zecora has to say but she imagines what kind of love this would be , Zecora politely asked Starlight to step back to be sure the spell works the way it is suppose to.

Chaotic Damage Edit

Soon things go wrong , Starlight slowly runs out of the house in fear.Soon enough when she got to Twilight's castle she hears arguing.

Soon she slowly opens the door , Twilight confronts Starlight Glimmer in a rude way causing Starlight to cry.

Feelings Sure Do Hurt Edit

Starlight is at her room crying , Zecora walks down the hallway with a puddle of tears she feels uncomfortable by this and tries to comfort Starlight but her attempts fail.

Starlight's spirit is an all time low , She has no confidence left inside of her causing her to cry more.

The Mane 6 continue to argue but things soon turn into a slanging match.

I Can't Believe You!!! Edit

Starlight continues to cry in sorrow but then she tries it all again at Zecora's house

The Mane 6 finally stop arguing

Epilogue Edit

Starlight feels more confident in herself but has less exterior confidence.

Things turn to have a happy ending when Starlight tells Twilight she didn't mean to do it but the spell is still waiting to be tested.

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