Vonnie Strings
Little Miss Vonnie
"I haven't made a song since Celestia sent Luna to the Moon!" - Vonnie talking to Pinkie Pie



Gender Female
Eyes Ruby Red
Mane Sky Blue
Coat White
Cutie Mark A Brown guitar
Resides In

Ponyville (Mostly)

Voice ???


Vonnie Strings is a Unicorn, who is the little sister of Vinyl Scratch. Vonnie is a guitar player and likes to be around the Main 6. A Best Friend is her sister and Pinkie Pie.


Vonnie Strings is the oppsite of her sister. She is shy sometimes and only trust her friends and sis. When she was a filly, she use to write songs but now lacks them. Vonnie never had played for a play unlike her sister.


Vonnie Strings is a white unicorn of average height. She has a sky blue mane that is short, same as the tail too but is longer. Her eyes are rudy red, with three lashes each. She also wears a green hat. Her cutie mark is a brown guitar.

Early Life

Vonnie Strings was born in ponyville with her big sister, Vinyl. Vonnie was the shyest one in her class when she was a filly.  How she earn her cutiemark is a secret that only Vinyl and their parents know.


Vonnie is learning to do magic with Twi (Twilight Sparkle).

When Discorded....



  • Vonnie was going to be Vinyl's twin sister.