Waffle Mint Hamelswourth
James InfaRed
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Eyes Red
Coat Gray
Cutie Mark Black and Red star
Relatives Waffle Mint Hamelswourth (Cousin)

"Yeah, I don't like to talk, but there's a reason for it." - Waffle Mint


Waffle Mint Hamelswourth is a seagreen colored pegasus with a very smart personality and a quiet speech. He does not talk to others. He, however, is friends with Marisa Ariel Dempsey and her friends, and is the cousin of James InfaRed, which was the reason he came to Ponyville.

Waffle holds a severe crush on Brutal "Chii" Essin, and has a poor studdering problem when trying to talk to her. She finds him odd, and so does not get any hints that he likes her.


Not much is known about Waffle so far. What is told by the creator is that he had came to Ponyville to run tests on his cousin James InfaRed after finding out about his immortal powers including Vocal hypnosis and hair extending. James, however, hides from Waffle, showing that Waffle is one of James' weaknesses.

Waffle is a 'computer nerd' and is both book smart and street smart. He believes that he would rather learn than befriend. This, however, changed in his opinion once he had met Marisa Dempsey and her friends, and Waffle instantly grew a crush on Brutal "Chii" Essin, who thinks he is wierd. Whenever he approaches Chii, he does not know what to say and studders while trying to talk, which makes Chii either laugh or get somewhat creeped out of.

When Waffle had received his cutie mark, he was depressed by it's 'boring' design which happened to be a Computer Mouse. He disliked his mark, and so 're-created it'. He found a way to create a new cutie mark and sew it to his flank, and so he created a white lightning bolt.