The Werewolf's Gavel is a large hammer and one of Axis Lunaris's three main weapons when she iherits the throne.


The gavel is about six feet long, including the hammerhead. The head itself has a girth of two feet and is two feet long.

The Gavel is made of a pale blue substance, similar to Nightmare Moon's armor. It had dark blue markings running down the handle, which curves into a blunt scythe-like extension. The blue markings glow when they absorb magical or ice energy. A carving of a wolf's head can be seen on one face of the hammer, while a snowflake is seen on the other face.


The gavel was created by Celestia's finest smith six years before the birth of Lunaris. It would be there to assist her when Luna's powers faded and Lunaris was to take the throne.

Related WeaponsEdit

This weapon has two relatives

Phoenix's Gavel - Counterpart and gavel belonging to Axis Solaris

Werewolf's Mace - Negative Counterpart and mace belonging to Blood Moon

This weapons has two partners

Enchanting Eternity - Rapier

Lunar Beam - Shield


The Gavel's natural size is described above, but it can grow or shrink to any size for more power or easier transportation. Lunaris prefers to keep it the size of a standard courtroom gavel, since that is how she normally uses it.

Magical/Ice EnchantmentsEdit

The Gavel can absorb magical or ice energy from the owner or attackers. It can power the scythe-shaped end to release icy or magical energy blades.

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