Wild Flower

Wild Flower is a pegasus pony from Coltburgh.


Wild Flower is an optimistic pony who doesn't quite understan the world around her. She tries her very best to know things but often forgets.

Many ponies pity her but her disabilities stir some taunting from other ponies. Wild Flower's friends defend her to the very end and get angry at anyone who is mean to her on her behalf.

Wild Flower loves all sorts of plants and cares for them. She even states that they can speak to her and many of her "brilliant ideas" came from the plants she's talked to, she says.


Everyone believes Wild Flower to be retarded but her true friends stick up for her. In return Wild Flower begins showing them how she depicts the world. She is very imaginative and sees everything how she wants to view it. Instead of seeing pictures all around her Wild Flower sees splashes of colours in recognisable shapes and begins studying the different aspects of nature.

Wild Flower is supported by the gardeners for her love of plants and can make them grow easily.


Wild Flower travelled from Coltburgh to Ponyville to view it's wonderful plants. She had heard that it was a much more rural area than her stuffy town. When Wild Flower first arrived everyone realised she was "not normal" and treated her as a savage. Twilight saw how immoral this was and took Wild Flower under her wing and began educating her.

At first Twilight kept Wild Flower a secret from everyone, believing that if they found out she would be in large trouble. Eventually Wild Flower revealed herself by accident. When the mayor tried to force Twilight to evacuate her mission to school Wild Flower, Applejack and Fluttershy lead Wild Flower to Rairty's house while Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash held up the mayor.

For a few episodes Wild Flower hid away in Rarity's house but the mayor soon found out and sent Wild Flower away. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy agreed to retrieve her when Twilight found out where the mayor was keeping her. The mission failed and Wild Flower was never seen again.


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