Wildfire is the Dragon/Pony son of Cross-my-Heart and Silvertooth. He possesses the ability to appear as a dragon or a pony.


Wildfire is a pale silver Earth Pony with a long red mane and tail. He has bright green eyes and sometimes has slit pupils. Wildfire also has a pair of leathery wings on his back and fangs. His mane hides a pair of stubby horns.


Wildfire was born in Canterlot, his mother being in the Royal Guard and his father being a rogue dragon. Cross-my-Heart had been sent to kill her childhood friend Silvertooth for rampaging, but discovered he was being chased by the actual creature causing the damage. After defeating it, CMH and Silvertooth fell in love and spent a few years away from other ponies.

When CMH returned to Canterlot with her son, Wildfire was originally picked on. He was often called a monster, and the spread of the harrassment was so great CMH almost lost her position.

It was only until Wildfire proved he was able to control his fire that the citizens of Canterlot calmed down. Their main fear was he would accidentally torch the cty, but Wildfire went back to his father and trained himself to keep his flame calm.

Wildfire soon decided to explore the world, coming across several treasures and donating them to those that needed it most. He earned his cutie mark after several of these donations: A gem in the shape of a heart.

Wildfire still explores the world, trying to discover lost civilizations and help the poor.



Cross-my-Heart - Mother

Silvertooth - Father

Fyr - Sister

Embyr - Sister