Winkie is a very odd pony. She has a short mane and tail, so she often appears to look like a colt. She is the daughter of Cheshire Cat and Sooth Sayer. She is mistaken as Pinkie Pie often by some ponies, but to distinguish that she is NOT Pinkie Pie, her magenta coat and dark magenta mane with her magenta eyes (with a small hint of pink) and also her fangs know that she is Winkie.

Kind Earth Pony
Gender Female (real gender)
Male (sometimes, by mistake)
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Eyes Magenta
Mane Dark Magenta
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Coat Pale Pink
Cutie Mark White Sparkles


Winkie is a pale Earth Pony with a magenta mane. Despite being a filly, she has a colt-shaped head, as well as a short mane and tail. Her eyes are an magenta and her cutie mark is a group of white sparkles.

She has no eyelashes, so she is accused she is a "he".



Cheshire Cat - Father

Sooth Sayer - Mother

Criss Cross - Half Sister


  • "If Winkie wants to play, then Winkie wants to play!" - Wanting to play with somebody
  • "Winkie says you shouldn't do that!" - Catching somebody breaking a rule


  • Winkie speaks in third person, signaling she is a bit young