Winter Falls
Kind Pegasus
Gender Female
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Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Eyes Blue
Mane Silver and Light Blue
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Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat White
Cutie Mark Waterfall
Winter Falls was the mother of Lightblade and Melody.

Early LifeEdit

Winter Falls was the curious type in her youth. She would always ask questions and look for answers anywhere she thought she'd find them. She was a good flier and passed through Flight School without much problems. She had many friends, and usually hung out with them around Cloudsdale and Ponyville. It was in Ponyville that she met her future husband, Storm, who was on his way to meet with one of his friends. Eventually, they got married, and Winter Falls gave birth to Lightblade, and about a year after, Melody.


Winter Falls along with her husband was accidentally killed by Lightblade during his first magical outburst, when robbers broke into the house at night. She, along with everyone else in the room, was impaled by multiple energy blades that involuntarily spiked outward from Light.


She still retained her curiousity from when she was young, but she was more careful about what she got into, as she had a few undesirable encounters back in her day. She was very kind to anyone she met, and had never yelled at anyone in her life. She was very smart and is also very cunning, and took her role as a mother seriously, and always made sure her two children are safe.

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