Wishing Well is a formerly self-centered Unicorn Pony and the co-worker of Nurse Redheart.

Wishing Well
Gender Female
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Occupation Nurse
Eyes Yellow
Mane Deep Pink
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Coat Charcoal Gray
Cutie Mark Red cross surrounded by blue ink blotches


Wishing Well is a dark charcoal gray Unicorn pony with a very curly and poofy deep magenta mane. She has bright yellow eyes, and at times wears a dark green scarf with a red cross on it. Her cutie mark is a bright red cross with blue ink blotches circling it.


Wishing was born in Canterlot with her parents Heartbeat and Earl Grey. For years, she grew up with Nurse Redheart and quickly became interested in pony health anlong with her. At school, they tended to fight about the best way to keep perfectly healthy, and often had to be move to different side of the room.

Soon, Wishing move to Ponyville in hopes of getting a job as a Nurse. She was confused that there was only one spot left, as it said there were two before she came. It turns out that spot was reserved by Nurse Redheart. They soon started squabbling again, and were pulled to different positions.

Wishing, age five and still no cutie mark, was assigned to helping the younger kids that just got admitted feel better about themselves. She soon became a good motivator, often signing card that other young ponies made if she new the patient. After a while, she noticed she had a red mark on her. She looked closely at her flank, and there it was. Her cutie mark. It was a red cross surrounded by ink blots, representing the fact that she was good at saying "Get Well Soon!".