"You're Just A Changeling In Disguise" is a Season 4 episode of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.

Plot SynopsisEdit

A Changeling named Holly Tosis runs away from her home in the Everfree Forest where the Changelings live at the same time on the run from the other Changelings. All Holly wants is to live a free and happy life being good and making friends. In the middle of the night, she runs into Ponyville and makes it her new home. The next day, Pinkie Pie ask her friends to play with her, but they're too busy. Slightly dissapointed, that's when a pony named Terri Aki approaches her and ask her to play with her. Pinkie Pie happily agrees and the 2 have a fun day together. Nearing the end of their fun day, the 2 head back to Terri's home and that's when 2 Changelings appear and tell them about a runaway Changeling and that Ponyville has until tomorrow to find her. The next day Pinkie Pie and Terri-Aki have another fun day together and later that same day, Pinkie Pie tells her friends all about her. Then Applejack appears with a Missing poster of the runaway Changeling and the friends talk about mean things about the Changelings (how rotten, evil, and despicable they are), even Pinkie Pie. Unfortunately, Terri eavesdrops on them only til the end of their conversation does Pinkie Pie notice her. Terri cries and runs away with Pinkie Pie completely puzzled. She discovers a gift from Terri to her; a BFF necklace and Pinkie Pie sets off to find her while Twilight and the citizens round up a search party to find the missing Changeling. Pinkie Pie goes to Terri's home with a music box gift she made for her. Terri tells Pinkie Pie how upset she was when Pinkie Pie and her freinds were talking mean things about Changelings and how some are not always evil. Pinkie Pie is suspicious as to why Terri would say not all Changelings are not evil and that's when Terri reveals that she is Holly Tosis, the missing Changeling who was in disguise. Pinkie screams and runs in utter panic with Holly trying to explain herself. Pinkie runs to Twilight and the search party and tells her she found the Changeling and they march to her house. Once they get there, Holly runs off into the Everfree Forest and Pinkie Pie volunteers to find and capture her. Inside the forest, Pinkie Pie finds Holly Tosis crying. Holly knowing that it's useless, deciedes to give herself up. Before doing so, she tells Pinkie Pie that she wanted was a happy life, to live free, to make friends, to get away from the life of evil whcih she never wanted, how not all Changelings are evil, Holly's words of woe touches Pinkie Pie and realizes Holly's right. Pinkie Pie forgives her and Holly does the same and the 2 return to Ponyville to tell the others what happened. While the ponies are still unsure, they decide to give Holly a chance and welcome her to Ponyville. The only thing left is the Changelings finding Holly and Pinkie Pie tricks them into telling them she turned into fly sending them on a wild goose chase. Knowing she'll be safe for a long time, Holly rekindles her friendship with Pinkie Pie and while she can stay in her true Changeling self, she does use her disguise form from but only incase Changelings ever come back to find her.


  • Andrea Libman - Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy
  • Tara Strong - Twilight Sparkle
  • Ashleigh Ball - Rainbow Dash and Applejack
  • Tabitha St. Germain - Rarity
  • Cathy Weseluck - Mayor
  • E.G. Daily - Holly Tosis/Terry Aki
  • Scott McNeil - Changeling #1
  • Lee Tockar - Changeling #2


  • The episode title is a parody of the song "You're Just An Angel In Disguise"
  • Holly Tosis' name is a based on Halitosis (or bad breath) and her pseudonym, Terri Aki is based on the sauce Teriyaki.

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