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Yummington is a town on the opposite side of the Everfree Forest from Ponyville. It is isolated from the rest of Equestria but still thrives due to the people who live there.


Yummington is best known for its endless pastry shops. The city's specialty is sweets and breads of all kinds: cookies, cakes, fudge, brownies, chocolate, cinnamon rolls, honey buns, ice cream and anything else a pony could dream of.

Notable ResidentsEdit

Sugar family: They create pastries of all kinds and sell them throughout Equestria. However their home base is Yummington. The family members that stay in Yummington are Sugar Queen, Angel Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Shortcake, [[Sherbet, and Cotton Candy.

Flavor family: They have invented an amazing dessert: ice cream. Competing with the Sugar family, they sell throughout Equestria while their home base is in Yummington. The permanent residents of Yummington are Pistachio Pecan, Vanilla Bean, Swiss Mocha, Mocha Fudge, and Neopolitan.

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