I will destroy all of Equestria!

—Zeel when he battled Celestia and Luna

Zeel the king of evil by electrojolt67-d6h4vrr
Kind Alicorn
Gender Male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Evil
Eyes Red
Mane Red and Black
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat Gray
Cutie Mark Skull
Christopher Sabat: The Voice of Omega Shenron and Vegeta


it is shown that Zeel may be insane. He is merciless when dealing with heroes despite being a Demon Alicorn. He has also brutally killed ponies with no mercy.


Back in the dayEdit

Zeel defeated a lot villian in his universe, Zeel decided to unlock his full power. he unlocked his true powers but unfortunatly he wasn't able to control them in battle. One day Zeel was near death against King Sombra but, then he unlocked his hidden powers by rage causing him to go insane with power defeating King Sombra and, killing innocent citizens that was around when he went insane. Later he wen to see all his Formal friends, he started acting arrogant and rude causing Heat wave to be very suspicious of about Zeel's his new power and personality So, 3 hours later Heat wave confronted Zeel and asked him how did he achieve his new power and why is he acting a jerk then, Zeel told him that he has been reborn as a new pony. Heat Wave realized that Zeel became obbsesed with power and he was turning into a psychopath and Heat wave tries to stop Zeel but, he was not strong enough to beat his formal best friend; Zeel Killed Heat wave without breaking a sweat.

more info coming soon..........
Zeel before Turning Evil

Zeel when he was a hero

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