Project Zeruel
Kind Alicorn
Gender Male
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Eyes Blue
Mane Black
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Coat Maroon
Cutie Mark None
Zeruel is a former Alicorn Alliance member.


Not much is known about Zeruel's history, including his real name, before he was kidnapped by the Alliance at a very early age, early enough to not remember anything about his home or real parents. As such, the Alliance is all he had ever known.


Zeruel is often extremely violent, especially when provoked, but will not go out of his way to hurt others nonetheless. He has a dark personality that is no longer kept in check when he separates from Sigma, who acted as his mediator.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced by the Alliance to be an unstoppable killer, Zeruel possesses strength values far beyond a normal pony, easily able to shatter the ground by simply stomping a hoof down. He has incredible endurance, able to take damage that would otherwise cripple or kill any normal person. He also has heightened speed and reflexes, but these values can also be achieved by other normal people if trained in those ways. He tends not to use magic, but it is shown that when he does, it is extremely powerful, to the point where it can seriously damage or kill even Artificial Evolved, and hurt even Naturals.