Ziparoo is the little brother Symphony. His parents are Shimano and Water Drop.


Ziparoo is a fast and hyper so he gets along with Pinkie Pie, Rainbow DashScootaloo, and Lemon Meringue. He talks really fast and reads really fast so he misses parts of stuff he reads. He loves to take naps after he uses up his energy like Rainbow Dash. He wants to be a Wonderbolt when he grows up like his friend Lemon Meringue.


He has a red and blue mane, an olive green coat,  and green eyes. He has no cutie mark so he's a Cutie Mark Crusader. He's g

"I was here! I was there! Now I'm here! Now I'm there! Whew, I'm tired!"

rowing a crush on Lemon Meringue.


Symphony - Sister

Shimano - Father

Water Drop - Mother

Pinkie Pie - Best Friend

Rainbow Dash - Best Friend

Scootaloo - Best Friend

Lemon Meringue - Best Friend, Love Interest

Aztec - Best Friend

Apple Bloom - Best Friend

Sweetie Belle - Best Friend

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